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Nurse Ashley

Ashley N. Washington

Hey Nurses & future Nurses

Thank you for checking out Roc Nurses Rock. I am SUPER EXCITED! You decided to get to know more about me & the amazing empire of Nurses we are building all over the world. I am a ED/PEDS Nurse who decided to make the transition to travel nursing & entrepreneurship. Nursing and education is my purpose and passion. It's my vision for nurses to support nurses whether it be students, new grads, or seasoned nurses. We all have a story, we all chose this profession for a reason and why not come together and support one another. Nursing is such a competitive profession; however we all are competing for a similar goal. I enjoy bedside nursing it gives me the opportunity to not only help individuals in my community but make a difference in the care they receive. My goal is to inspire, empower, and support nurses with the tools and resources to be an amazing mindful nurse.

I’m your Future Nursing Professional Development Specialist. I have been a Nurse for 6years, I have experience in six specialties & multiple certifications. I’m a graduate of the Wayne-Fingerlakes BOCES Practical Nursing Program & I’ve accepted the challenge and will be entering an LPN to BSN program in the spring of 2023 at Nazareth College. I recently graduated from the Urban League Community Business Academy. I’m a member of Rochester Black Nurses Association & National Black Nurses Association. I’m a nurse mentor & tutor at Rochester Educational Opportunity Center. Most importantly I’m an amazing single mother to 7 little scholars that attend RPWC. Prior to becoming a Nurse I spent many years working in customer service which gives me the gift of gab lol! all jokes aside it gave me communication skills, negotiation skills, de-escalation skills, technical support skills and so much more. This is what I want to share with the individuals joining the Roc Nurses Rock community. I want to share everything you don’t learn in nursing school & help prepare you before you step foot on the unit of any facility, nursing school and/or college. So I look forward to meeting & growing with each & everyone of you that join our community.

LPN & the N stands for Nurse

I'm The Nurse Mentor!

They be like girl You just an LPN!

LOL Sis I'm not just anything!!

I don't have to have the alphabet soup behind my name to be a leader... I was born to be a leader!! I will get them letters in the process..I had to find my VOICE for me & the individuals just like me. If we don't feel supported as Nurses & we don't say or do anything then nothing will be done!! We are given a gift from God, the information & skills in school to be a Nurse but who's going to actually teach you how to be the CEO of your License.

  • 20% Skills

  • 30% Critical Thinking

  • 50% Communication

So many individuals feel like they don't have a voice based on the letters behind their name. Well, not me Sis! Join me & other nurses, nursing students, new grads, and health care workers in The Nurses Lounge..

The Nurses Lounge

OMG!!!! You did it Sis!
You have graduated nursing school. Such an amazing accomplishment if only that was the end. Graduating is not enough fortunately but unfortunately here comes so many more tasks added to your already overflowing to do list. Now you have to take the NCLEX, Resume & cover letter writing, job hunting, interviews, orientation, nurse residency program and 1st year of your nursing career. There are so many nurses that feel lost in the space between graduation and the first year of their new career in health care. Just remember It takes more than a degree to become the CEO of your license. Roc Nurses Rock is here to support you, guide you through the process and answer any questions.
It is my goal to help nurses be amazing on and off the clock.

So join us in The Nurse Lounge!

As Nurses, We must Advocate for Ourselves!!

As nurses we must influence support systems so we can provide quality, safe and effective care for our patients. At the end of the day that’s our top priority. How can we do that if we don’t have these systems in place?

To some nurses speaking out in the workplace can be intimidating and difficult. I get it absolutely no nurse wants to be put in an uncomfortable position. This is exactly why I created Roc Nurses Rock & the Nursing Hood. To give individuals a safe place where you can safely air out your thoughts without identifying your workplace, connect with other nurses and learn the skills needed to advocate for yourself and your patients.

So join us in The Nurses Lounge! by clicking the button below!

Hey New Graduate Nurse….

Congrats you did that!

Welcome to the beginning of your new career!

As a new graduate it's okay to be scared this is all new for you especially for individuals that have never worked in health care. I know from my own personal experience I was scared. I come from a customer service background, I worked at Verizon Wireless & Time Warner Cable prior to becoming a nurse. So this was all new to me as well. I just want you to know to remain confident and trust yourself you know way more than you think, and never ever forget that God Got You Sis!
So just for you I put together a list of things I wish I knew as a new graduate Nurse that hopefully help you and ease the tension.

  • You don't have to know everything!

Trust me you are not expected to know everything. We learn so much information in nursing school its absolutely impossible to remember every detail. You are expected to ask lots of questions. You will learn the facility, the unit, the staff, the patients and so much more. So just make sure you are asking questions especially if you have no idea; because the last thing you want to do is put our patients life at risk.

  • Jump at every opportunity to learn and try a new skill!

Of course you're going to be nervous this is all new to you placing an IV, putting in a Foley, admissions, discharges, NG tubes etc. If you've never done it before than get ready sis! The only way you are going to learn is by jumping in there. All you have to do is ask for guidance from your preceptor or other nurse on the unit. You will learn so much, and have way more confidence when it comes time to do it again.

  • Follow your gut!

Use you're nursing judgment if something doesn't feel right follow that instinct. Not every gut feeling or instinct will prove to be true; however from my own experience most of the time they do.

  • Use your resources!

Know your resources and use them! You are now apart of something bigger than yourself, you are a part of a team. So you have a charge nurse, another nurse on the unit, CNA's or PCT's, various therapists and online resources catered to your unit and/or facility. i.e. Up to date, Policy Stat etc.

  • Take care of yourself!

In order to have the energy and mindset to take care of others you have to make sure you're doing everything in your power to take care of yourself. Self care is so important to avoid bur not! You are learning so much and getting used to anew career, new environment, new schedule etc. It's tough! So take care of yourself and always remember its never selfish to put yourself first.

  • Honesty is the Best Policy!

Be honest with your nurse manager and preceptor when it comes to your level of experience and skill set. Always jump at the opportunity to do something new, but please let your preceptor know if its something you've never done before. You will be respected more if you are honest rather than giving the impression that you did and really didn't't.

  • Don't become that Nurse!

So trust me you will meet or come across the JADED Nurse and trust me you don't want to be him or her. Never forget why you became a nurse in the first place. If you are in an area that doesn't give you that same enthusiasm you had when you graduated you may want to consider a different specialty. Yes its normal to have bad days but when it becomes constant and others are making comments or you've been in the office you may want to reconsider. With that being said there is so many opportunities in this particular profession.

  • Support, Support, Support!

Have a support system someone or individuals that are in the health care field that understand what you are going through and are willing to talk to you and help you. Nursing is tough everyday will not be unicorns and rainbows.

  • Have FUN!!

Yes being a nurse is serious but enjoy your patients, enjoy your co-workers. Laughing and smiling is good for your health!


If you’re a nursing student, new graduate nurse, or seasoned nurse who desires balance, mindfulness, support and wants build a confident foundation in your career subscribe below to receive all the FREEBIES!!

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