So you want to be a NURSE!

Let’s do it then!

Work Hard! Be Kind!

She Believed She Could, So She Did…She’s a Nurse!!

So you want to be a Nurse?

Hey Nurses & nursing students come chat with me in this FREE99 webinar all about my new E- book “ So you want to be a Nurse? 10 step you got this guide! I will be providing you with information on the different routes you can take as well as answering all your questions. Click the button below to register you don’t want to mis this!

Empowering Nurses!

Do something today that your future self will thank you for. This support group is for nurses in healthcare no matter what letters you have behind your name. The goal is to create a sisterhood of individuals in healthcare supporting each other on our career journey.

How I became more confident!

  • 1st thing 1st when you look good you feel good! So yes scrubs can be expensive but guess what Sis??? It’s an INVESTMENT!

  • Knowledge is POWER! When you’re educated you feel more confident in your abilities. I’m a by the book nurse, I will review a policy so quick on policy stat before approaching my patients regarding any procedure especially if I’m not familiar with the policy.

  • Ask QUESTIONS??!!! Like I tell my kiddos nobody knows EVERYTHING! Plus as a nurse you’re constantly learning.

  • Communication is KEY!! I thank God I worked in customer service prior to becoming a nurse. Let me tell you that gave me the gift of gab, troubleshooting & negotiation.

  • Don’t compare yourself to other nurses, doctors, teachers etc. You’re special & unique in your own way. It’s YOU vs. YOU!!

This is why I can walk in my patients room & build a rapport with them & family members. If this was helpful & you want to learn more click the button below to book a 30 min call with me.

As Nurses, We must Advocate for Ourselves!!

As nurses we must influence support systems so we can provide quality, safe and effective care for our patients. At the end of the day that’s our top priority. How can we do that if we don’t have these systems in place?

To some nurses speaking out in the workplace can be intimidating and difficult. I get it absolutely no nurse wants to be put in an uncomfortable position. This is exactly why I created Roc Nurses Rock & the Nursing Hood. To give individuals a safe place where you can safely air out your thoughts without identifying your workplace, connect with other nurses and learn the skills needed to advocate for yourself and your patients.

So join us in The Nurses Lounge! by clicking the button below!

Huh? I need what? Here’s the Tea on what you need in your nurse bag to survive your shifts!

Are you ready for that 4, 8, 10, 12 or 16 hour shift!
I'm here to give you The Top 10 Essentials you Need for an Amazing Shift! So let's get started and feel free to email me any essentials you use that I may have missed.

  • Stethoscope: I absolutely LOVE my Littman! No matter what specialty you work in each and everyday a good stethoscope is definitely a must have. Every nurse has there own preference but I'm telling you this a really good tool to when you really need to hear all the sound the body makes and tune out all the sounds.

  • Watch: I use my apple watch but any watch will suffice. I LOVE my apple watch as it gets me in touch with my children, track my movements throughout the day, plays music and so much more!

  • Penlight: I purchased a pair of shears and pen light on amazon for $10.00 & both work amazing.

  • Shears: Trauma shears are an essential for me in emergency with cutting off patients clothing or wound dressing etc. One of my many hot Amazon finds under $20.00.

  • Fanny Pack: I purchased a Nursing belt organizer on Amazon and it holds all my tools including my amazing hand cream.

  • Water bottle: I absolutely swear by my hydro cell stainless steel water bottle. I could leave it for a couple hours and my drink will still have ice & be cold when I come back to it.

  • Compression Stockings: Yes I know some nurses that don't wear them at all but baby I'm hear to tell you I wear mine faithfully. These socks are comfortable and fashionable. Scrubs and beyond has some really nice ones made by Landau that are stretchy.

  • Shoes: So I absolutely Love, Love, Love my Dansko clogs; however I do wear Nike vapor max or air max as well from time to time.

  • Planner: Every Sunday I'm completing my planner for the following week. A planner is a must have in order to remain organized and not forget about any appointments. I currently use the Happy Planner and I'm creating my very own planner coming soon called The Nurse Guide!

  • Nurse Bag: I have an amazing bag made by Lovevook which holds all my nursing essentials, planner, water bottle and snacks.

  • Extra essentials you need are hair ties, lip balm, deodorant, lotion, hand creme, air pods, sweater or scrub jacket, Tylenol or ibuprofen, and of course Snacks!

Mindset is Everything!

Change is INEVITABLE, if you’re not changing, then you’re not GROWING! As a nurse best believe you will go through some changes! Being a nurse means you have to be flexible because changes can happen from the beginning to the end of your shift and its sink or swim. I want to see you swimming Sis!

Stop being Afraid of what could go Wrong, and Start getting Excited about what could go Right! -Tony Robbins

If it doesn’t CHALLENGE you, It won’t CHANGE you!

7 Study Tips 4 Success

  • Know your learning style

  • Growth mindset

  • Organization

  • Prioritize

  • Be Prompt & Productive (NO PROCRASTINATION)

  • Notes, Notes, Notes!

  • Join Roc Nurses Rock-Owned & operated by Nurses for Nurses! Teaching you the game before you step on the unit! Giving you the opportunity to learn skills not taught in nursing school but very much needed in your career.

Routine, Time management, Organization

Join us virtually or in The Nurses Lounge to gain the skills needed to master your routine.

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